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5 Ring Insight Performance Experience

The foundation of the 5Ring Insight experience is Olympians who convert their knowledge about athletic performance into real-world performance lessons. In addition to holding Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, our Associates are leaders in the corporate world, with advanced degrees from prestigious universities and serving as ongoing ambassadors of their sport and country. 5Ring Insight training is designed for the most discerning and exacting corporate professionals who have the passion, skill and determination that separates the "elite" from the great.  

Why use elite athletes to communicate real-world performance insights? Sports are the test of pure performance. Athletes are measured in hundredths of a second in the most competitive of environments. Sports show truly the best based on performance when all other variables are held constant. Business performance is more complicated, but using sports as a case study can lead to better understanding of underlying performance principles.

By utilizing a carefully planned and orchestrated methodology including physical motion, athletic demonstrations, debate and panel discussion, live-motion video, and breakout interaction, the 5Ring Insight team will provide instruction and insight into key strategic elements of performance. In many cases, actual Olympic footage of our Associates is used for performance case studies.

The 5Ring Insight team provides keynote speakers, group topical training, one-on-one coaching for critical personnel, specialized “tracks” within multi-day conferences, and other custom services.  Whether it is an annual board meeting, an industry conference, or a special gathering for an organization, there is often a need for interesting opportunities that are both beneficial and engaging.

Individuals must be engaged before they are able to learn effectively. Our Olympians are stimulating, humorous, quick-witted, and able to engage an audience on a variety of levels while being highly professional. 5Ring Insight delivers intellectually challenging content using unique personalities. So whether it is a small group or a large gathering, 5Ring Insight delivers a high rate of relevant information retention for your organization.

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