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Strategic Resources

A critical element of the ROC Collection is our Strategic Resource Alliance, experts at the highest level who facilitate and help to execute ROC programs. The Alliance blends seamlessly with the Dream Outdoors team to deliver strategic expertise to our Collection. The result: successful ROI for your meetings and incentives.


Mary E. Boone

Mary BooneMary E. Boone is president of Boone Associates located in Essex, CT. She is a leading authority on organizational communication, leadership development, large-scale interactive meetings and executive retreats. Boone co-authored (with David Snowden) the lead article, “A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making” in the November 2007 issue of Harvard Business Review. The article won an award from The Academy of Management in 2008. Boone’s most recent book, Managing Inter@ctively: Executing Strategy, Improving Communication and Creating a Knowledge-Sharing Culture. (McGraw-Hill,), sets forth her innovative theory of interactive leadership. One of her previous books, Leadership and the Computer (Prima Publishing), was selected as “required reading” for Congress by a former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Boone’s ideas have received widespread attention. Among those quoting from and praising her work are Tom Peters, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, CNBC, and National Public Radio. She is a frequent contributor to Successful Meetings Magazine, where she was featured on the July 2009 cover as a “strategic thinker” for her work in the area of meeting design. Boone regularly teaches Organizational Behavior for Northeastern University’s online MBA program, and she has been a Guest Lecturer at Emory University School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin School of Communication, the National Defense University and other academic institutions.


Dennis Romley

Dennis RomleyAs founder and principal of Threshold Consulting, Dennis applies his skills as a strong negotiator, compassionate leader, and team collaborator to produce lasting results when called upon to support organizational change.

His firm is dedicated to the strategic management of human capital. Recent assignments include building a state-of-the-art institute for executive development, the operational review of drug discovery therapy disciplines—and talent retention strategies for an organization under fire. Dennis has over 30 years of experience in strategic and global roles that include Senior Vice President at Roche Pharmaceuticals, Vice President at SRI International/SRI Consulting, and Director at Raychem Corporation (now owned by Tyco).

As a mentor and coach with senior leaders, Dennis encourages positive team and organizational dynamics. With global leadership and training experience in the USA, UK, Switzerland and Japan, Dennis is able to apply best practices across cultures and within teams.


Eric Balinski

Eric BalinksiThrough a value acceleration process he developed, Eric assists owners and senior management to improve growth, margins, and cash flow that ultimately increases the valuation of companies under his purview. He has worked worldwide with leaders develop to design, develop, and implement turnaround and growth initiatives for a variety of businesses and leadership objectives.

His value acceleration model delivers these returns by addressing three areas: (1) creating growth and cash flow from improvements linked to customer needs; (2) transforming operations to support key growth initiatives; and (3) creating a culture that supports continuous innovation. He developed this approach while living in Zurich, Switzerland, as a global Leader of business education for a Fortune 100 firm: in 2003, these practices where featured in a book he co-authored, Value-Based Marketing for Bottom-Line Success, published by McGraw Hill and the American Marketing Association. The book featured the dramatic turnaround of Dow Corning Corporation out of Chapter 11 after the company implemented the value acceleration framework.

Twenty years before he formed the consulting firm Synection, he held business and leadership roles at GE, Dow Chemical, and AlliedSignal (now part of Honeywell). Eric is also an avid outdoorsman and a pioneer in sustainability: in the late 1980s, he led an extensive research and marketing effort at GE called The Living Environments project, with 53 participating companies. The project generated more than $350 million in incremental new sales of innovative products and established Eric as a leader in the field.


Mitchell Beer

Mitchell BeerAs a chief company strategist and conference content specialist, Mitchell’s passions are sustainable energy technologies; a strong, vibrant, and green meetings industry; and smart research solutions that enable organizations and communities to do well by doing good. With seven years as a journalist and more than twenty as a conference publisher, he is eminently qualified to bring his passions to life in the marketplace. Mitchell has been a member of the board of directors and a co-chair of the conference program committee of the prestigious Green Meeting Industry Council; and the vice president-communications and chair, Green Meetings Task Force, of MPI Ottawa Chapter, 2007–2008. He has also been on the board of the MPI Foundation Canada, 2005–2008, and a project manager charged with studying the economic impact of the Canadian meetings industry for the MPI Foundation Canada, 2007–2008. Mitchell was named MPI Ottawa Supplier of the Year, 2003; Volunteer of the Year, 2005; and attained his Global Certification in Meeting Management (CMM) in December 2003. He continues to write as a columnist for MeetingsNet Extra, published by Penton Media.



Eli BremerEli Bremer

Eli is the co-founder of 5RingInsight, a business performance training company. Five Ring Insight curriculum incorporates the principles of elite athletic performance into the context of elite organizational success both individually and from a team perspective. In addition to being a core member of the team for conferences and training sessions, Bremer focuses on creating tactical relationships with industry leaders, forming mutually beneficial partnerships with other organizations, and playing a key role in the growing scope of services that 5Ring Insight offers.

Eli Bremer is a a seven-time World Team Member, Pan American Games Gold Medalist, World Cup Final Bronze Medalist, 2008 Olympic Team member, and is one of the most decorated pentathletes in US history. He graduated from the US Air Force Academy with an undergraduate degree in Economics and later earned an MBA from the University of Colorado. He was a finalist in the 2008 White House Fellows Program, owns a successful real estate investment company, and was hired by NBC as a commentator for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.



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