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Cultural Magic - Peru Exploration

Peru is one of the most amazing destinations globally for culture and history, providing a country abundant with enriching group experiences.  The city of Cuzco, meaning “navel of the world”, was the capital city during the climax of the Inca Empire, and still remains a center point for this extraordinary excursion.  Participants become inspired, as they are encouraged to explore the local markets, challenge themselves with exciting activities, and collaborate to create stronger relationships and lifelong memories.

This experience shares with the world Peru’s magic, including the art and culinary delights of Lima, the lost city of Machu Picchu, and the essence of culture in Cuzco and the Urubamba Sacred Valley.   With some of the most varied and unforgettable landscapes, Peru offers the perfect match of nature and business.  Quaint accommodations, world class hospitality, and conference services which promote small meetings and events, align this destination with almost every participant interest. 

Your time allows participants to interact with each other and the local people, experience the adventure through rafting and horseback riding, explore the traditions at Machu Picchu, excite your taste buds with culinary experiences in Lima, all while focusing on motivation, learning, and personal growth. 

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