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Ecuador Experience, Land of Exploration and Culture

Traveling through this wondrous land is a thrilling adventure with touches of fantasy and gratifying emotions. Ecuador is the perfect setting for an action-packed and truly unforgettable small group experience. Its four natural regions are easily accessible and offer a wide variety of landscapes.  Pearly beaches on the Pacific to magic rainforests in the Amazon, and snowcapped mountains and volcanoes to quaint Colonial cities, all offering quality lodging options and exceptional local activities.  Nowhere else on earth can visitors experience such extreme diversity in one country, and because Ecuador is only the size of Nevada, it's possible to see it all in just one trip!

Traveling in and around the highlands and lowlands of Ecuador, you will particularly enjoy the amazing biodiversity of the country -- 1,800 species of birds, 1,000 species of fish, 680 of reptiles and amphibians, 230 of mammals, and more than 20,000 species of plants. Beyond fauna and flora, the people of this endowed place developed, through centuries of civilization, a culture of rich heritage. Ecuador has some of the most fanciful handicrafts in South America. You can find them in local Indian markets and at shops and galleries in the main cities. Ecuadorians are gentle and friendly; you will be warmly welcomed in cities large and small. Ecuador has made conservation and responsible tourism development a priority. The country is taking aggressive steps to establish a sustainable tourism infrastructure that will ensure its unique ecosystems are carefully monitored to preserve their natural abundance. By visiting Ecuador, travelers contribute to the local economy and participate in Ecuador's mission to become a leader in sustainable tourism.

The weather is another plus -- springtime around the year.  As a result guests can enjoy trekking, hiking, rafting, mountain biking, cultural exploration, and trips on the famous Chiva Express train throughout the year in comfort. This is Ecuador: A vast variety of unique experiences, a fascinating land blessed by nature, ready to fulfill your dreams of discovery and motivation.


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