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La Dormida Lodge, Argentina Wing Shooting Experience

Incentives- For shooting enthusiasts there is no better place in the world for dove hunting than at La Dormida Lodge in Argentina.  With stunning scenic landscapes and warm hospitality, this destination is sure to motivate and reward both the passionate sportsman as well as those searching for an exclusive experience. 

Client Loyalty- The small group setting and high quality atmosphere at La Dormida promote a wonderful environment for relationship building.  When paired with some of the world’s best wing shooting, this experience is sure to inspire, creating lifelong memories.

Executive Retreats- Money can always be refunded, but an Executive’s time wasted at an unsatisfactory destination can never be recovered.  We are passionate shooters ourselves, so we have the know-how that enables us to scout for and to find the best habitats; and we understand the precious value that time has for a committed hunter.

Leadership Development- Wing shooting provides a wonderful platform for integrated learning and development objectives.  Inspirational, challenging, and rewarding, this experience is sure to provide top performers with an overall program that will help them succeed both personally and professionally.  

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